Keyboarding for Kids

My 14 year old son begs me to type his essays. This is why learning to type is important and a necessary skill.


Here are some expectations for young keyboarders.

Kindergarten/First Grade
Focus on posture and mechanics such as:
• make sure the keyboard stays in front of them with the mouse to the right (left for lefties)
• keep hands to themselves
• keep elbows tucked into their sides
• use the right thumb for space bar
• start students on problem solving (volume control)
• sit up straight
• feet in front
• hands on home row (first grade)

Second Grade
Reinforcing all prior skills and focus on traits of good typing.
• hands on home row
• Pointers on f and j
• use fingers closest to the key while keeping pointer on f and j

Third Grade – Fifth Grade
Begin speed and accuracy
Continue to practice good traits

Grade level standards are:
3rd Grade: 15 wpm
4th Grade: 25 wpm
5th Grade: 30 wpm


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